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IP Telephony Solutions - Newtech Computers & Electronics

IP Telephony Solutions

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We provide modern IP PBX services to facilitate your office intercom needs here in Kampala, Uganda(East Africa). Our IP Telephony solutions are built on open standards like SIP that enables your company to leverage the internet with cost effect VOIP capabilities allowing for free inter branch calls.

Devterch offers everything the modern enterprise needs in your choice of all-in-one IP telephony solutions to fit your organization, scaling from 5 users to more than 500 users, in one or multiple locations.

If you are shopping for an IP PBX, or IP telephony software or E1/PSTN cards integration or just support for your existing IP telephone system – then you should contact us.

The highly scalable IP platform we have adopted provides a complete phone system for your business users, combining Microsoft application integrations, and messaging along with remote and mobile access, too. More than simply a voicemail system, our IP solution allows organizations in business, higher education, healthcare, and other sectors to streamline every aspect of messaging from a single standards-based platform.

Key benefits of our IP PBX Solution

Our IP PBX telephony solutions offer broad integration to business systems and expanded mobility, which is a benefit to any business. It’s even more beneficial when that same IP PBX telephony solution lets your business:

  • Support business growth and enterprise expansion with simple application licensing, not additional hardware, middleware and costly capital expenditures.
  • Replace multiple legacy hardware communication systems with a single all-in-one platform and application suite architected for SIP and networked VoIP
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership by centralizing system administration to one interface, converging voice and data on a single network, and lowering overall maintenance.
  • Run your voice network over your existing data network – there is no need to run a separate cable network for your intercom.

Our Telephony solutions are well suited for Small and medium Enterprises with 5-500+ users, complex multi-site deployments, and organizations interested in benefiting from a SIP-based Voice over IP system.

  • IP PBX / PBX Call Processing
  • Unified Messaging or Voicemail
  • Presence Management
  • Mobility
  • Recording, scoring and quality monitoring
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Multi-Site Routing
  • Supervision and System Monitoring
  • Customer Self Service and Automation

Contact us today to discus your telephony needs; sales[@]